Sweet Georgia Brown

For those of you following this blog, I’ve posted (for the time being) something new on Youtube that the musically-minded of you may enjoy.

“Sweet Georgia Brown” is a jazz standard from 1925, and no one every hits it up for copyright infringement. But at the same time, its in a “gray area” on the edge of public domain, and if I try to make my Youtube channel a for-profit venture (as I’m tempted to do in the near future), I’ll either have to get an ASCAP sync license or take the file down just so that everything’s legit with the Youtube powers-that-be.

Such is the age of weird copyright we live in. I approve of things that protect me, or Jonathan Coulton, as a songwriter (though as Glee showed us, that protection amounts to virtually nothing if you’re small and they’re big). But I’m pretty sure that once all your kids and grandkids are in the ground, these things should be fair game.

Enjoy while you can!



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