Luke’s Ukes #4: Change The World (Eric Clapton/Babyface Cover)

I’m trying to space these things out, but the truth is I’ve got a little handful of Luke’s Ukes videos “in the can” already, and can’t see why I shouldn’t put them up.

So, seven days after the last one (a little sooner for people who subscribed to the channel), I’ve added the 4th installment of Luke’s Ukes. The 5th, I think, is soon to follow, but in general I’ll try to make sure I update at least once a week.

I’m finding, overall, that screwing around with this ukulele is good for my fingerstyle chops and for my voice–I’m much less proficient with the tiny ukulele than on a full-size guitar neck, and less showy guitar playing makes me fill the space by being more self-conscious about my voice. The paltry volume from the little uke body also keeps me from oversinging myself, which is a problem when I get excited–if you crossed Janis Joplin with a hyperactive Labrador retriever, you’d get close to my oversinging.

The audience is still small, I think; but Youtube takes a long time to snowball, sometimes taking months or years after a webseries starts appearing. I’ve so far got no branding or graphics to speak of, which suits me just fine. But we’ll see where things go as this little enterprise grows. It’s important to me to get back some of the prolific-ness I used to have as an author, playwright, cartoonist, musician, and all the rest; being done the dissertation finally allows that to happen again. 

Without further ado (the oft-misquoted “further adieu” is completely wrong), I give you:

Change the World. (


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