Luke’s Ukes #6: Abbey Road Medley (The End) (Beatles Cover)

Hi everyone,

Whoever’s responded to vote for my UCreate Comics pitch, I can’t thank you enough. In a little over a day, with only 9 registered votes, my pitch has rocketed from tied-for-last place into the Top 20. I’m presently sitting at #16, and a few more votes could easily push me into the top 10. Please, if you haven’t voted yet, consider giving it a go. I can’t see who votes for me and who doesn’t, but I’ll trust in your charity and sense of good taste. ^_^

About the only reward I can give you is a reeeally extra-special Luke’s Ukes webisode this week. So here I give you the complete Golden Slumbers/The End medley from the B-side of The Beatles’ Abbey Road, arranged and performed by solo ukulele with voice.

You don’t realize until you start doing it just how high young Paul McCartney sings, especially when he’s excited. His later post-Wings stuff is much more in my range. But I’m happy over all with the arrangement of this thing, right down to Ringo’s laughable-but-lovable one drum solo in the history of the Beatles. I hope you enjoy it. This one was murderous to get right… or as close to right as I got, anyway. Thanks once again, and don’t forget to keep voting and boost the signal!


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