Phase 2 of my Not Starving In January plan: Freddie “Tesla” Mercury

And so, because you were all so awesome and supportive… Freddie “Tesla” Mercury is now a real physical product!!


Mosie on over to (link below) to order your very own for yourself or someone you love! This lovable character, designed and delicately painted by yours truly, is available as a high-quality art print, as a tote bag or smartphone case, even as a hoodie or T-shirt (the T stands for Tesla!!!)

This is all part of Luke’s Shameless Multimedia Efforts to Not Starve In January When Teaching Dries Up. It’s the perfect gift for that special music geek or scientist in your life (spread the word!), and if I may be immodest, I think it’s worth buying just for the product description alone, which was great fun to write.

Thanks, everyone, for your support! More designs to come soon!

EDIT: I took the shirt down after several months without one sale. NOW, of course, it’s getting traffic again, and so I’ll make another run at trying to sell it. Stay tuned! I’ll replace this notice when it’s back up for sale.


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