Luke’s Ukes #8: You Don’t Love Me Anymore (Weird Al Yankovic cover)

Hey everyone,

I’m finding myself really glad I put a few of these away for a rainy day. Job applications, the thesis defense (and accompanying snake fight), and a metric ton of marking (including pickup marking for another class so I can eat this winter) have all been sapping my time. I’m getting anywhere between 15 minutes and 4 hours of sleep on my teaching days, and it’s slowly grinding me down to nothing. There are so many things I want to be doing, when I have the time and energy; I’m just hoping to get there. A recent visit to my doctor suggest I might actually be working myself to death if I keep this up over the long term.

But ukulele! Yay ukuleles! It’s impossible to be unhappy when a ukulele is involved. It’s like the banjo that way.

Here’s song #8 proper (#9 if you count my Thanksgiving gift of the Gummi Bears theme). I thought it was time for a Weird Al Yankovic tune. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Luke’s Ukes #8: You Don’t Love Me Anymore (Weird Al Yankovic cover)

    1. Hey Christy! Thanks for pointing that out! Turns out I’d linked to my video edit page, not to the video itself. Hopefully all should be fixed with the link now. Love your blog too!

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