Luke’s Ukes #21, and Health Updates

Hello, everyone.

I’ve been meaning to update for more than two weeks. A couple of weekends ago I attended the International Congress of the Humanities, where I was awkwardly surprised by a little more notoriety than I’d bargained for over some of my recent blog posts–and even more surprised by general praise for speaking out at all, whatever the specifics of my comments might be.

This has led me to start working on an article that I consier both a response to this overwhelmingly positive response, and a concluding post to what I might call my “Saskatchewan Trilogy” after the central events that got my pen in motion. Those things will come soon.

In the meantime, however, my physical condition has taken a downward swing I’m only just starting to recover from. For the past month or so I’ve been suffering from at least two mystery conditions in the same foot & leg that have left me unable to walk. I tooled around the conference with the aid of some powerful medical help, a pretty stylish cane, and the grace and kindness of the conference support staffs and their little golf carts–but the weekend certainly took its toll. I’ve spent most of the week since laid up completely in a chair, hoping to recover enough to walk across the stage at my PhD convocation. Finally, I’m glad to report I’m making some progress: the cane is back, but standing and walking are starting to happen over short distances again. Whatever is wrong with me (3 doctors, 2 sets of X-rays, a CT scan, and 8 medications haven’t sorted that out), it seems it’s going away on its own as long as I stay off the leg and use it only for things that are absolutely necessary.

Even if the doctors did figure it out, “6-8 weeks of inactivity” is the general prescription for almost anything to do with a foot that doesn’t involve cutting it off. Having gamely delivered my Byron paper with a cloven hoof that I had to swear to people was “not an affectation for the sake of the subject,” I’ve since been spending my time sitting, in preparation for those few moments I’ll need to have weight under me.

It’s strange that this has delayed my output both here and elsewhere: a wounded foot does not a wounded head make. And yet my brain has been every bit as laid up as my leg, and posting a new-old Luke’s Ukes from out of the B-sides vault seems to be my first committment to getting back on schedule. Since all I’ve been doing, in essence, is sitting and listening to my own hair grow, I thought that “SItting,” a Cat Stevens song off of Catch Bull At Four, was the thematically best cover version to pull out of the vault at the moment. Enjoy, if you’re into that sort of thing!

After recovery, convocation, and a day or two to get my bearings, it’s on to preparing my fall teaching, which is shaping up to be busier and more wonderful than I anticipated.



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