Aubade – a Luke Maynard original

Over the next few months, I hope to spend more time back in the music studio; I’ve got a crop of original songs that I could turn into an album without the hassle or expense of mechanical licensing to cover music that’s already getting plenty of airtime out there.

This is my first crack at a new song called “Aubade”; an aubade, in a very general sense, is a poem about the arrival of the morning. In a stricter sense, it’s a formal category of love poem popularized in the Renaissance about lovers separated at dawn—and in the most formal sense, it’s a song from a door or window to a sleeping woman. I’ve observed the creeping in of the weirdly specialized language of poetry into some of these songs—compelling evidence, I think, that the conceits of poetics aren’t just a sterile jargon for literary studies theorists to use in classrooms: poetry and our ways of understanding it bring a greater richness to how we understand our daily lives, even though that’s not really what this song is about.

Well, maybe on some level it is.



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