Notice of Publication: “That Most Foreign of Veils” in Cthulhusattva

Hi everyone.
After an extended hiatus from the blog while tending to print-writing, I’m pleased as punch to announce my next foray into print!
Now that the weird otherworldly alien cat is out of the bag, I’m proud to announce that my short story, “That Most Foreign of Veils,” will be appearing in the weird-fiction anthology Cthulhusattva: Tales of the Black Gnosis from Martian Migraine Press!
The drop date for this exceptional small-press book (ISBN# 978-1-927673-16-4) is May 23, 2016. Preorders will be available through the Martian Migraine Press website, which is also your go-to source for the e-book. But print-book distribution is being handled by Ingram, which means you may be able to order it through your local bookstore or major brick-and mortar chain.
Ordering this book from a local retailer will not only support your local bookstore; it’ll put the name of a small indie press in the minds of retailers going forward. If enough people request an indie title, that’s how it starts to get on shelves. MMP is proud to be a “boutique” publisher with a very particular niche in the Lovecraftian subgenre, but their work is first-rate and worthy of sharing a shelf with the big presses like Random House & Macmillan (and especially the major genre-fic imprints) any day of the week. Spread the word and get this one out there. It’s going to be a fantastic anthology!
Stay tuned to the blog for exclusive content related to my contribution to this fine volume.
BELOW: Martian Migraine Press has just dropped this fantastic cover teaser for the Anthology. The cover art (JBSFW, Just Barely Safe for Work) is “The Devil,” part of an extraordinary cycle of Tarot-themed paintings by Silicon Valley illustrator Alix Branwyn. Give her work some love, book-lovers, while you’re at it.

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