Cthulhusattva: My Book Launch Interview with Martian Migraine Press

If you don’t mind seeing my giant round head stuffed into a small Skype frame, you may enjoy this recent interview with Martian Migraine Press on the occasion of their new anthology, Cthulhusattva: Tales of the Black Gnosis, to which I’m proud to be a contributor.
Marvel at my washed-out complexion and the unflattering angle of my webcam as MMP editor Scott R Jones and I shoot the breeze about H.P. Lovecraft, the Canadian wilderness, Joseph Campbell and mythology, the catch-22 of privileged writers and cultural appropriation, and the wise comma-fixing penguin.
Thanks for joining us! The book drops on May 23, and is available here for preorder today! Purchases directly from the site are the cheapest anywhere on the Internet, and ensure the highest cut goes directly to producing more of these great titles. The ebook is doubly affordable for anyone on a budget, but Alix Branwyn‘s gorgeously unsettling cover art is a pleasure to hold in the hands.

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